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Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce ( CICC ) and Cambodia-China Councils Association for Economic Development(CAFED) are the NGO organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior of Kingdom of Cambodia. Established in 2010. Cambodia-China Councils Association for Economic Development is the parental of Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce. After six years under the hardworking by the Board of Directors and being recognized as a BRIDGE TO CROSS  by all domestic businessman and women, small and medium business companies as well as the international entrepreneurs, the Boards realized that in order to participate the GLOBAL ECONOMIC Society, we need a globalize organization to lead our members to integrate with the international trade process standard, hereafter, the Board of Directors operated our goals and service in two different names ( One group of people operate two organizations ). The Mission of ( CICC ) is respecting the Law of Kingdom of Cambodia, follow the regulation Cambodian Government, and protecting the legal benefit of our members. The website of CAFED ??www.cafed.org.kh? The website of CICC ??www.cicc.org.kh?

Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce ( CICC) is engaged in international trade, business, investment and other business enterprises, public institutions, social organizations and other NGO organizations of national non-profit organizations. Association's purpose is: according to the laws, regulations and policies of the Kingdom of Cambodia to promote member exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions of the world business community, members of international business development, providing services for members, reflects Member views, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members according to the law.

Cambodia International Chamber of Commerce of main duties is: representative member to about sector convey or made recommendations and demands; assist Member multi-party communication, help solution operating activities in the encountered of problem; for Member operating provides business information and advisory, and legal counsel, and arbitration mediation, and international arrears chasing received, service, issued commercial thing disputes of public assessment views and various commercial thing proved, and participate in international ICC organization of activities, participation international ICC about policy rules of research developed and promotion; carried out international trade guidelines, and management theory and practice, aspects business; organization member participate in at home and abroad exhibition, and business discussion, and negotiate activities and the other business matters; for member provides Exchange of opportunities and platform; bear business competent units, and Government about sector or institutions delegate assigned by of work; under Member requirements, law carried out other useful of social activities.

International Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia have with many countries and regions of the world business community has established a wide range of contacts, is a bridge enterprises in Cambodia to the world. Member of the International Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia sources widely, with many domestic famous enterprises, is the representative authority of the Member of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce. International Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia and the Government sector are closely linked, can grasp the trend of policy in a timely manner, effectively reflect the enterprise voice, International Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia appreciated by the public, faithfully fulfill their social responsibilities.

New era of Cambodia has created a opportunity, leap-forward development requires a broad platform. We welcome more internationally competitive, enterprises of industry influence and social awareness, career, social groups, non-governmental organizations and other institutions to join the International Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia, become a member of the International Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia.

Let us open up the dream of Cambodia and the world, and jointly create a better future.

Cambodia's International Chamber of Commerce


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